Hive Body
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NUC - Body 6F
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6 Frames Langstroh Nuc body. They are made of extra hardened expanded polystyrene (PSE). As it has a density higher than 100 kg/m3 it is stable against the attack of microorganisms and rodents. An ultralight material that insulates both cold and heat, thus helping to facilitate the work of bees that will not need to make an extra effort to regulate the temperature inside the hive. This translates into higher honey production at the end of the season. Frames not included.
NUC - Bottom Board
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NUC - Cover
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EPS polystyrene cover for 6 frames Langstroth and Dadant nuc.
NUC - Entrance
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Pair of plastic nuc entrance by Paradise Honey. They fit in the groove on the base. Two tappets are used per base, as these nuc offer the possibility of being divided into two.
NUC - Top Feeder
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The Nuc top feeder is designed to fit into the 6 frame Langstroth/Dadant nuc's. Thanks its large capacity can hold 5.5 liters of syrup. It is made of high-density EPS polystyrene, so it acts as a thermal insulator.
Feeder 10,5L
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